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GSO-R1 gas detector measures concentration from one to four gases selected by Client. User can switch the gas detector to measure concentration of any selected gas during operation without calibration required.
Advantages of the design
  • GSO-R1 gas detector with remote digital indicator consists of two modules that are connected by cable: GSO-R1 D detector to measure gas concentrati and GSO-R1 I remote digital indicator with control buttons.

  • Unlike classic single-body gas analyzers, because of modular design, GSO-R1 can be installed close to potential leak area according to design requirements, including in remote and hard-to-reach locations; at that, remote indicator can be located in an easily accessible place for monitoring an control.
  • Maximum distance between remote indicator and detector is 15 meters.
  • All control buttons of gas detector are located on remote indicator, which allows for remote selection of gas type, setting of thresholds, primary calibration and other operations.
  • Remote digital indicator functions as HART communicator. which eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment and significantly reduces expenses during import phaseout period.
GSO-R1 gas detector has explosion-proof design with explosion-proof enclosure 'd' and intrinsically-safe circuit 'i' with marking 1 Ex d (ib) HC T4 T6 X. Electric power supply cable is connected to GSO-RI gas detector through exploson-proof cable glands.

If branched connections are used, KZP-type explosion-proof junction boxes with relevant number of cable entries and clamps with marking I Ex d (b) HC T4 X should be used.

GSO-RI I indicator has explosion-proof design with explosion-proof enclosure and is supplied with explosion-proof cable for connection to GSO-RID gas detector. Required cable length must be specified during placement of order for gas analyzer.

GSO-R1 gas detector must be grounded Grounding bolt is located on outer surface of body.

At that, PUE and VSN 332-74 Guidelines for installation of electrical equipment for power and lighting systems of explosive areas must be observed.

Outer grounding conductor must be thoroughly cleaned and its connection to outer grounding terminal must be protected against corrosion sing grease.

After installing, grounding resistance should be checked and must not exceed 4 Ohm.
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The Park-Stroy company was established in 2019 and is a subsidiary of Delovoy Soyuz LLC, which has been producing units for commercial accounting of petroleum products since 2000.

The company "Park-Stroy" provides a full range of services to ensure the smooth operation of the ASN: maintenance, emergency repair, sale of spare parts, control of metrological characteristics.
Park-Stroy repairs equipment of any manufacturer. We undertake a full range of maintenance work for the facility if the previously selected contractor refuses to repair or cannot solve your issue.

LLC "Park-Stroy" carries out complex deliveries of spare parts. A distinctive feature of the company is the ability to work for the client. We do not have a rigid payment structure for your order. We are ready to meet customers halfway, which is also an advantageous condition when choosing a supplier.

Our company is the official supplier of HEFA in Russia. This gives our customers the opportunity to receive products at the prices of