Equipment painting

Any equipment needs to be painted from time to time. Painting not only allows you to keep a beautiful appearance, but also to perform repair functions.

Equipment painting is necessary because the equipment is exposed to natural and mechanical effects, ingress of oil products, which invariably leads to corrosion and rusting. Of course, painting helps to avoid all these negative consequences.

Natural conditions especially affect metal: temperature fluctuations, water changes, sun exposure and oil products in contact with the surface of the metal.

Paint materials must protect the metal surface from exposure, so you need to choose the right materials to put on the metal.

All painting work for steel constructions in three steps: preparation, painting, drying. This is a universal approach, which is also suitable for industrial equipment.

In the preparation step, the metal is usually cleaned from rust and corrosion. Next is degreasing, and only after that the preparatory stage is finished by drying and anti-corrosion treatment of the metal. All this must be done to make the subsequent painting as effective as possible. In addition, the surface must be cleaned from old paint, which can prevent the fresh paint from getting onto the surface as effectively as possible if it is not removed.

Our company is ready to paint. For effective painting it is necessary to dismantle and transfer the equipment to work.