Tanks maintenance

In order to keep the tank farms and separate tanks in the working condition during the period between repairs it is necessary to carry out their timely and qualitative maintenance and current repair. Maintenance and current repair of tanks and other elements of the tank farm are carried out by means of pumping stations, loading stations and tank farms.

Maintenance of the tank farm consists of periodic inspection, scheduled organization and timely performance of routine work on the tanks themselves, their equipment, devices and systems, as well as pipelines binding tanks, firefighting system of the tank farm.

Maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, industry guidance documents and instructions for the operation of tanks, equipment, devices, systems, adapted to the specific conditions of the enterprise or its branches.
The inspection and examination of tanks and tank farm should be carried out according to the schedule and instructions approved by the chief engineer of the branch, with a record in the log of inspection and repair of tanks and a note on the elimination of deficiencies.

  • daily - by the maintenance staff
  • weekly - by the person responsible for the operation of the tank farms;
  • monthly - by the management of the station, tank farm;
  • quarterly, selectively - by the production control commission (PCC) of the structural subdivision;
  • once a year, selectively - by the production control commission (PCC) of the enterprise.
According to the results of the commission inspection of the tank farm acts are drawn up with the reflection of the deficiencies identified in them.