AFS Maintenance

AFS maintenance is a prevention by detecting and correcting faults and damage in time by:

  • check the technical status, inspection in a certain size with a certain periodicity;
  • scheduled replacement of elements at a certain time of operation or calendar life;

Regulated maintenance includes work performed in accordance with the technical documentation on a mandatory basis after a certain run or time interval according to a pre-approved schedule. Such works usually include: replacement of lubricant in units, replacement of some wear and easy to replace parts, periodic maintenance under a special schedule, etc., as well as checking the technical condition of the equipment by means of technical diagnostics and visual inspection. Regulated maintenance works are usually accompanied by stoppage of loading equipment and are carried out according to a special schedule.

Unregulated maintenance includes cleaning, pulling, adjusting, adding or replacing grease, wear and easy-to-replace parts, etc. The need for these works is identified during periodic inspections, monitoring the technical condition of the equipment. The revealed remarks are eliminated during technological breaks and usually without stopping the technological process, or with a short stop.

Nowadays, many manufacturers require maintenance by a certified service company, otherwise you may lose your warranty