Installation and Commissioning "String +"

"STRUNA+" measuring systems are designed to measure level, temperature, density, pressure, calculate the volume, mass of light oil products and liquefied gas (LHG) in single-walled and double-walled tanks, alarm of the presence of produced water, improve fire and ecological safety, automation of oil products accounting at filling stations, gas stations, tank farms. The systems can be used at the enterprises of food and chemical industries, and also as a II category reference measuring instruments according to the State verification scheme for the liquid level measuring instruments according to GOST 8.477-82 for the calibration of tanks.

List of activities during installation and commissioning of the "STRUNA+" measurement systems:

  1. Mounting blocks
  2. Laying of cable products in the cable duct
  3. Device installation
  4. Connecting the equipment to the installed cables
  5. Installing the software
  6. Software and sensor integration
  7. Commissioning of sensors of measuring systems
  8. Comprehensive testing