HEFA Dealer

We have been cooperating with the manufacturer "Policske Strojirny a.s." for almost 20 years, being a part of the "Business Union" Holding Group. Based on their equipment of refueling complexes "TZK-100" produced by "Delovoy" LLC, most of the tank farms in Russia and neighboring countries are supplied, which indicates their high quality and reliability of operation.

"Policske Strojirny" company makes equipment under the brand name "Hefa". They produce liquid meters, double-acting hydraulic valve with electromagnetic control, filters, gas separators, filter-gas separator, top filling console, bottom filling console.

Our company is the official representative of the Czech manufacturer "Policske Strojirny a.s.", which is confirmed by an official letter. We carry out sales of original spare parts and equipment, equipment selection, as well as sales of spare parts for equipment operated in the territory of CIS countries, brand "HEFA".