Gas stations Maintenance

Maintenance at the gas stations prevents wear and tear of the various parts of the equipment. This reason is the main one, as irregularities in the fuel dispenser operation can lead to the equipment failure. One of the serious disorders is metal corrosion. Wear and tear of the equipment may occur by leaps and bounds and be fixed by the drop in performance, calibration failure, change of counter readings.

Operating experience shows that depending on the amount of fuel pumped through the fuel dispenser and the operating time, certain overhaul rates can be set.

List of works during maintenance at the gas station:

  • regular inspections, checking the operability of fuel dispensers and tank farms
  • repair of hydraulic units and fuel dispensers
  • assembly and disassembly of fuel dispensers
  • cleaning of the indicator cup and replacement of the fine filter
  • checking of threaded and bolted connections
  • testing of level meters, controllers
  • repair, replacement of the tank truck grounding device
  • testing of pumping and compressor equipment, installation of submersible pumps
  • maintenance, repair of breathing valves, checking them for triggering
  • carrying out preparatory work before the fuel dispenser calibration