Installation Supervision

Installation supervision – a technical-organizational activities and supervision by specialists of the equipment supplier for the progress of installation work: reception and unpacking of equipment by the customer, checking the delivered equipment for its availability on the packing lists, equipment installation supervision, cabling in accordance with cable logs, preparation for commissioning works.
The composition of the installation supervision includes:

· Visiting of specialists (1-2 people) at the facility;

· Receiving equipment at the customer's facility to check the kit (with packing lists) and to find possible defects during transportation;

· Consulting assistance for equipment installation;

· Quality control during operations;

· Control of compliance with the specifications and installation standards defined by the equipment manufacturer;

· Implementation of general technical and technological control of the installation works;

· Control of installation of complete equipment and cabling in accordance with project documentation, electrical circuits and cable logs;

· Control of connection of the mounted equipment to the common ground loop.

Completely assembled main and auxiliary equipment, including power and control cabinets, are considered the end of supervision installation. The contracting company is given an explanation of how to bundle the main equipment with technological pipelines. Explanations of the cable laid are also given.