Commissioning work

Commissioning work – a set of technically complex activities related to commissioning of the equipment and is the final stage of installation. During commissioning, our service specialists check the quality of the completed installation work and the availability of the equipment for connection. The result of the commissioning work is the commissioning of the unit and a test run on load. Qualified commissioning ensures long and trouble-free operation of the equipment.
List of activities during Commissioning:

  1. Input of cable into the AFS control cabinet and wiring according to electrical circuits.
  2. Binding of the filling console with a steam return hose, installation of an overflow sensor and its wiring with the console binder.
  3. Wiring the garage position sensors of the filling console and folding bridge. Wiring all cables between the junction boxes and the control cabinet.
  4. Installation of thermocovers with the following wiring (additional option).
  5. Testing of all cable products in relation to the ground loop to prevent installation errors and damage to cables.
  6. First AFS turn-on with phasing of the pump motor and dry start-up. Testing of all control and response signals.
  7. Installation of the control computer and software in the operator's room. Setting up the software, creating the configuration of the tank farm and AFS parameters.
  8. Technological filling of units in a tanker. Setting the AFS parameters.
  9. Giving AFS on the measuring device to confirm metrological characteristics (if a measuring device is available at the facility

*List of activities may vary depending on the equipment.

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