Emergency recovery work

Emergency recovery work is a complex of activities to eliminate damage to the equipment to restore its performance. To carry out these kinds of works the company has a pool of both human resources and availability of the necessary list of spare parts in stock. Emergency recovery works mean availability of our company's stock and quick reaction in case of equipment breakdown to avoid the Customer's equipment downtime.

Emergency repairs include emergency visits, which allows to repair in a short time, both with and without spare parts.

There are three types of facility visits:

  • Category "1". Breakdowns leading to the termination of supplies of oil products.
The response time of our company's specialists to the address specified in the application is up to 3 working days from the moment of sending the request. If it is necessary to send the faulty equipment unit for repair to the manufacturer, it will be temporarily replaced by our company with the working unit from the available stock.

  • Category "2". Breakdowns not leading to the termination of the supplies of oil products.
Response time - up to 10 working days from the date of sending the application.

  • Category "3". Technically complex applications that require additional approval - acquisition and installation of additional equipment, equipment transfer, equipment modernization.
The urgency category is established for each particular Application and is specified in the Application form. The warehouse stock is agreed with the Customer individually.